In addition to the management of condominiums, we also offer the analysis and planning of medium to long-term maintenance and its financing. In this way, we protect owners from unexpected renovation costs as well as associated conflicts within condominium communities, since the situational elimination of defects and the execution of purely short-term maintenance measures are no longer sufficient to maintain the value of the common property in the long term.

Thanks to our many years of experience in managing condominiums and our construction know-how, we know the interests of both sides like the back of our hand and know how to coordinate them perfectly.

Transparency: You receive a profound overview of which renovation measures are due and when, and what costs are associated with them

Cost clarity: Which renovations are covered by the money from the renewal fund?

Sustainability in the value investment: It is ensured that there is no creeping devaluation due to accumulated maintenance (refurbishment backlog)

Financial security: An adequately endowed renovation fund ensures renovations even in the event of possible financial bottlenecks on the part of condominium owners.

No patchwork: All maintenance and refurbishment measures can be comprehensively planned in good time and synergies exploited

Is your property or community fit for the future? We support you in obtaining the necessary information and an overview of the condition of your property.

Of your property including a reliable basis for financial planning.

Determining and securing the future renovation costs of the common building components are the main focus. With a value maintenance plan, you ensure transparency, cost clarity and financial security for your property.