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A café for real estate questions: stress-free advice and decision support with coffee and cake

Annoyance, frustration and disputes – when it comes to real estate, there are always disputes. Especially people who are not experts in the field have unanswered questions and do not know what options they have in a specific case. immokafi.ch aims to counteract this and offer competent advice in an informal atmosphere. Regardless of whether they are tenants, landlords, craftsmen, senior citizens, buyers or sellers.

When it comes to buying a car, it works without a hitch: You can easily and comprehensively find out about and compare the features, prices and suppliers of the vehicles you have to choose from. The car market is transparent, and competition works. The situation is different in the real estate world. Every property has its own special features – from the floor plan to the location to the furnishings. As a result, properties are unique and making a meaningful comparison can be quite a challenge. In addition, there is often a lack of transparency, which makes obtaining information costly and complicated.

The pandemic has exacerbated this situation. Answering questions about real estate has become even more complex. It is thus becoming increasingly difficult for laypersons to keep track of things.

“People have a lot of questions and are often frustrated because they don’t get anywhere with their concerns,” says Philipp Schellenberg, owner of schellenberg.immo GmbH and initiator of immokafi.ch.

In his more than 20 years of activity in the real estate market, he has seen a lot and built up a broad network. There are specialists, associations and real estate experts from different areas, on whose knowledge can be fallen back. Finally, the whole range of real estate questions should be able to be answered competently and solution-oriented.

“Especially in the real estate sector, negative experiences with non-transparent or unserious “real estate experts” occur again and again,” says Philipp Schellenberg. “We would like to strengthen the trust in real estate experts again – by answering real estate questions transparently and seriously.”

Our consulting location in Lake Zurich:

immokafi.ch @ Bakery Wüst
Schönenbergstrasse 26, 8820 Wädenswil
044 244 60 60


Our consulting location in Zug:

immokafi.ch @ Kahawa Coffee
Aabachstrasse 16, 6300 Zug
044 244 60 60


Quality is a top priority – even for coffee and cake. So immokafi.ch has brought two professionals on board: In the Lake Zurich region, the well-known bakery & confectionery Wüst. Owner Remo Wüst is enthusiastic about the idea of a real estate café:

“Innovative ideas like this are valuable – especially in this day and age. I am very pleased that we can bring people together to help them with real estate issues.”

Matilda Fässler of Kahawa Kaffee in Zug, who roasts her own coffee blend for immokafi.ch, was equally positive about the idea. She will also be hosting immokafi.ch. She is therefore looking forward to exciting encounters:

“Taking the time to enjoy a good cup of coffee is well worth it. After all, the best conversations always arise in the process. I’m sure immokafi.ch can provide people with lots of good input.”

Meeting rooms are also available for delicate questions – or immokafi.ch visits people directly at their homes – including coffee and cake, of course!

People want to know who is working for them, because the majority of the clientele has often had bad experiences with impersonal and especially unserious “real estate professionals”. People want to know more about the other person again – and that’s a good thing and why immokafi.ch is needed.