Strategy consulting for sustainable real estate value creation. The real estate strategy defines the binding scope of action and the development goals for all parties involved in real estate management. The strategy for real estate portfolio management, project management and real estate management is to be presented transparently.

We are happy to pass on our many years of experience and our empirically based knowledge in the form of strategic consulting. In addition, we are also happy to take on complex, more client-specific concerns. Client-specific tasks are often less about the development of the real estate itself and more about its organization.

Our services include:

Investment strategy: The investment strategy ensures optimal integration of the properties into the overall assets

Portfolio strategy: The portfolio strategy is derived on the basis of the investment strategy and analysis of the actual portfolio. It is reviewed annually and defines all transaction, development and portfolio activities

Property strategy: The property strategy is derived from the market and property analysis and concretizes all value-adding activities at the property level. We combine many years of practical experience with the latest scientific findings.

With task-specific and interdisciplinary teams, we develop viable and sustainable solutions together with the client. We analyze the need for action, point out possible scenarios and developments, support the definition of strategic goals and framework conditions, and identify suitable measures.

While corporate strategy in today’s environment has a lifespan of 3-5 years, real estate is often expected to have a useful life of over 30 years. The real estate strategy serves as a bridge between corporate goals and real estate-related measures and subsequently enables conscious, sustainable real estate decisions and prevents unnecessary resource commitments.